Track record of Almasaha company ability

Track record of Almasaha company ability in topographical syrvey works,engineering projects and GIS applicatins 


1 Topographical Surveying's & Geotechnical investigation works for Garraf Oil Field (8 Well sites with access roads & water intake) at Nasereyia (Thi-Qar) Province PETRONAS IRAQ- PCIHBV 2010
2 Topographical surveying & Geotechnical investigation works for 8 kilometers Export Pipeline from Garraf oil field to Ahdeb tie in point PETRONAS IRAQ- PCIHBV 2010
3 Topographical surveying works for West Qurna oil field Phase2 (CPF MISHRIF Site with 10 kilometers access road). KENTZ OVERSEAS, SUB-CONTRACTOR OF LUKOIL 2011
4 Topographical surveying works for West Qurna oil field Phase1 (14 well sites) KENTZ OVERSEAS, SUB-CONTRACTOR OF LUKOIL. 2011
6 124 KM Road Staking out at Arar- Boarder line between Iraq & Saudi Arabia. AL-ALI CONSULTANT 2010
7 Surveying Works for Ramady  rain drainage network/Anbar Province MINISTRY OF MAYORALTIES 1992
8 Topographic and contour surveying for a project of Makhmoor MINISTRY OF WATER RESOURCES 2011
9 Rehabilitation of Maps for Al-Shannafeya irrigation (76500 Acre) project, Dewaneyia Province DIJLA COMPANY FORIRRIGATION PROJECTS 2010
10 Staking out Road (105 KM) for a boarder Road between Iraq and Saudi Arabia at Hamer, Nekhaib. AL-ALI CONSULTANT COMPANY 2010
11 Topographic survey for Nasiriya Gas power station (NPS) and the river around it ANDREA ENGINEERING TESTS LABORATORY 2011
12 Topographic survey  and drawing maps for AL-Kut- Zubaydiya power line(400KV) MINISTRY OF ELECTRICITY. 2011
13 Topographic survey for AL-Ameen-AL-Wahda power line for the sake of power transmutation project. MINISTRY OF ELECTRICITY 2011
14 Topographic surveying for Al-Qadesiya farm with area of 18000 acre BABIL COMPANY FOR DAIRY PRODUCTION 1991
15 Traverse for 305 control points, Qurna-Basra- Faw. ENGINEERING DESIGN DIRECTORATE 2011
16 Control point for HALFAYA petroleum project PETROCHINA 2011
17 Site & topographic surveying for area to be divided BAGHDAD MAYORALTY 2010
18 Land marking and division survey 8000 acre land for the sake of military directorate of Manufacturing MILITARY DIRECTORATE OF MANUFACTURING 2010
19 Division of area in Baghdad, Baladiyat BAGHDAD MAYORALTY 2010
20 Surveying and alignment of water pipe at Salah El-Deen province TEKREET MAYORALTY 2011
21 As built Topographic survey for one site at Garraf oil field / Thi-Qar Province. ATAA AL-THAMER COMPANY 2011
22 Topographic surveying for a land in Hilla NATIONAL CENTRE FOR ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY 2002
23 Topographic survey for the proposed road in sports city(Athletic city) to the high way in AL-Basra province AL-NUSHUB ENGINEERING GROUP. 2011
24 Topographic survey for Iraqi university in Tarmia MEAMAR ENGINEERING & CONSULTANT COMPANY 2011
25 Topographic survey for three sites at GARRAF Oil Field. PETRONAS IRAQ- PCIHBV 2011
26 Stake out points (Boreholes)at Majnoon oil field ANDREA ENGINEERING  2011
28 Topo Survey and Echo sounding of Nasiriya Power Station, Thi-Qar province ANDREA ENGINEERING TEST LABORATORY 2011
29 Traverse of Ground Control Points at  Garraf oil field / Thi-Qar Province AL-TAFAWUQ  COMPANY FOR GENERAL CONTRACTS 2011
30 As built Survey for tow intersections at Basra Province AREDO  CONSULTANT OFFICE 2011
31 Topographic survey for AL-Zuweia Salah Al-Deen province AREDO  CONSULTANT OFFICE 2011
32 Traverse of GCP at Basra Province. DEPARTMENT OF ENGINEERING DESIGN 2011
33 Topographic Survey for Overhead transmission Line at Garraf Area PETRONAS IRAQ- PCIHBV 2012
34 Provision of Topographic survey, underground investigation and soil investigation for Garraf Contract Area PETRONAS IRAQ- PCIHBV 2012
35 Ortho rectification of satellite images  KENTZ OVERSEAS  2012
36 Topographic Survey project in WQ2 FUGRO ME 2012
37 Topographic Survey and Underground Detection  ENI 2012
38 Topographic Survey and Underground Detection TECHNO ENGINEERING 2012
39 Topographic Surveying for GTP MISHRIF in West Qurna 2 BEENDER LTD 2013
40 Topographic Survey and Underground Detection SAIPEM 2013
41 Topographic Survey for Samsung   Andrea/Subcontractor of Samsung  2013
42 As built Survey for CPF MISHRIF security fence in West Qurna 2 Sima Baghdad/ Subcontractor of LUKOIL 2013
43 Topographic Survey and Underground Detection for water injection pipelines in West Qurna 1 EID/subcontractor of SAIPEM 2013
44 Topographic Survey for Overhead transmission Line at Garraf Area(11 KM)  PETRONAS IRAQ- PCIHBV 2014
45 Topographic survey and control point observation for (ALSADRAIN Bridge) in Alsimawa  (Muthanna) Governorate. ARD ALSAHEL for trading and general contracts  2014
46 Topographic survey for a private airport of  AKKAS Gas field  in ALQA'IM City . Tashakeel Al-Handasa for general contracting ,subcontractor of KOGAS 2014
47 Division and design  of area in Baghdad, ALI ALSALH BAGHDAD MAYORALTY 2014
48 Topographic survey for a rehabilitation plan in  Baghdad International Airport Aspin  2014
49 Common sea water project (HPS) area  Petrolinvest  sub-contractor of CH2MHILL  2014
50 Karbala Refinery Project (Water & Fuel Pipelines)  Hyundai (JV)  (HDGSK) 2014
51 Gas Export Pipeline Badra – Zubaidiah  Project. Topographical & Bathymetric survey of 103 km long pipeline Techno Engineering services. (pvt) Ltd. Subcontractor of Gazprom Neft Badra 2016
52 Laser Scanning & Mobile Mapping of Alnajaf International Airport Runway using the Advanced Mobile Mapping System TOPCON IPS-2. Al-Aali Engineering Consultancy 2016
53 Survey for stock- taken during 2017 for all raw materials and clinker Karbala cement manufacturing limited  LAFARGE COMPANY  2017
52 Laser Scanning for under construction bridge in baghdad using the Topcon GLS-1500 laser scanning System. manhal Alhaboby Engineering consultancy 2017
53 Site survey check for Karbala international airport control points system and runway alignments   Copperchase company  2017
54 Land survey division in Al-Doura city  OMA Company 2017
55 Area Calculation and staking out boundaries for site of a new Stadium Project in Baghdad Manafeth Aliraq Company 2017
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