Topoghraphical Surveying

ALMASAHA Company Land Survey Department is engaged in this field for the last 25 years and in this period this department rendered high quality services. Land Survey department is equipped with well educated & experienced technical staff using latest technology and equipment and is providing following services:

  • Land Surveying & Leveling.
  • All type of Topographic Surveys.
  • Corridor Alignments (Horizontal & Vertical) and Profile.
  • Cadastral Surveys.
  • Demarcation services.
  • Setting out Survey.
  • Gate level computation services.
  • Digital Terrain Modeling.
  • Settlement Monitoring.
  • Earthworks Volumes.
  • Underground Utilities Survey.
  • As- Built Survey.
  • Establishment of Control Station & Bench Marks.
  • Precise & Differential Leveling.
  • Survey Consultancy and Check
  • Engineering.
  • Hiring of Survey Crews.
  • Aerial Control Mapping.
  • Laser / 3D Scanning.

Bathymetrical surveying

Almasaha co. is built upon the understanding that hydrographic surveying is an extremely specialized function: our professional staff holds advanced degrees, professional licenses, extensive training with hydrographic sensors and processing systems, and certification. Our staff brings decades of professional experience acquiring multibeam, singlebeam, sidescan, and sub-bottom sonar data in the most challenging coastal environments.

Our survey team has been performing multibeam bathymetric surveys with a specific focus on delivering high-quality data that affords maximum suitability for a variety of design and visualization applications. We survey ports, harbors, rivers, lakes and reservoirs inshore, working in accordance with the standards set by the International Hydrographic Organization, we aim to meet or exceed the standards of accuracy, resolution, survey coverage, and delivery requirements set for every project.

As opposed to traditional singlebeam bathymetric survey techniques that produce soundings on discrete profiles, multibeam bathymetry affords the end user with a highly detailed, densely spaced grid of soundings in the form of a geographically referenced digital terrain model. This model can support engineering design, construction, and dredging projects. The key advantages to multibeam bathymetry, as opposed to singlebeam bathymetry, are: increased data coverage, greater data density, and greater survey production capacity.

ALmasaha co. has completed large and small scale hydrographic survey projects for governmental and private sector clients in Iraq

Underground Detection

In terms of underground ALMASAHA Co. is utilizing the most advanced technology in the field, we strive to provide contractors, excavators, drillers, surveyors, engineer site planners, and/or homeowners with the best possible knowledge of all underground utilities. This will help avoid any potential hazards and/or assist in proper site utility planning or excavation.

Our goal is to help people save time, money, and valuable resources, while providing state-of-the-art Underground Location Services with utility locating, utility mapping, vacuum excavation, and pipe inspections. Our customer service, employee training, and years of experience make us the leaders in private.

The Underground Detective not only uses electromagnetic locating equipment, but includes ground penetrating radar and locating sondes on every job. We are focuses to do quality work, NOT quantity. The Underground Detective has experience in working on subsurface utility locating projects such as:

Government Projects

  • Street Projects.
  • Petroleum Industry.
  • Large Construction Projects.
  • Environmental Remediation.
  • Residential.

Mobile Mapping

ALmasaha co. invested in providing state of the art technologies in the Iraqi market and continues on development. And we now provide integrated positioning and mobile mapping systems from Topcon.

Integrated Positioning System

Topcon’s IP-S2 Mobile Mapping System overcomes the challenges of mapping linear features to a high level of accuracy. Accurate vehicle positions are obtained using three technologies: a dual frequency GNSS receiver establishes a geospatial position; an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) tracks vehicle attitude; and connection to external wheel encoders obtains odometry information. These three technologies work together to sustain a highly accurate 3D position for the vehicle even in locations where satellite signals can be blocked by obstructions such as buildings, bridges, or tree lines.

The IP-S2 standard system includes three high-resolution LIDAR scanners (with speed 225,000 Points per Second) that cover the vehicle path at ground level and sweep the adjacent areas to a distance of 30 meters. With a high-resolution digital camera can to provide 360 degree spherical images at a rate of 15 frames per second. Other sensors can be integrated to provide total flexibility of system configuration for a wide variety of applications. Sensor inputs are recorded and time stamped at a rate of 15 nanoseconds.

The IP-S2 provides fast, high accuracy data and dynamic imaging for any linear mapping project. The vehicle-mounted system can map data at normal travel speeds for roadway surface condition assessments and roadside feature inventories. Safety is increased by removing pedestrians from the travelled lanes.

Other applications include pipelines, railways, utility corridors, waterways, security events and disaster management. The IP-S2 is perfect for 3D street-view city mapping and provides essential information for these applications

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